Saturday, March 10, 2007

El Clasico Preview

What's with the fixture list this weekend? Look at the big games on offer: the Milan derby, the Old Firm derby, Bayern-Bremen, Lyon-Marseille and of course El Clasico.

Barcelona are missing Giuly and Zambrotta through suspension. Gio and Motta have also been left out of the squad, the latter due to Rijkaard's decision to give him some days off to sort out personal problems. (Motta really needs to step up soon, or I can see him being sold or loaned off at the end of the season no matter how much Rijkaard likes him.)

Real Madrid on the other hand still have Beckham, Reyes and Cannavaro out, only now they've been joined by Roberto Carlos in the sickbay. If I knew he was injured I wouldn't have been so hard on him in my last post. Injuries just suck no matter who they're happening to. They do have the best away record in the league on their side, though.

Neither team are in great shape physically or mentally, and I bet neither expected to be in this kind of hole at the beginning of the season. Real have nothing but the league to play for, which might make them more dangerous, while Barca can't afford to drop any points if we want to catch Sevilla.

There's not much else I have to say - after all, it's El Clasico. Everyone knows how important this game is. There's no point in me trying to predict the starting line-up or the result, so I'll just leave you with this last heartfelt sentence:

Visca el Barca!

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