Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barca transfer updates

This is why I dislike international breaks. Don't get me wrong, I love international football, especially big tournaments, but when the season's still going on it means that the hacks get really silly with their transfer rumour-mongering.

Some quick transfer news: Frank(ie) Rijkaard has once again stated that 1) he would like Ronaldinho to stay and 2) he will reject any offers from Milan to stay with Barca, as long as the club still want him. Needless to say, this makes me happy.

Same message from Roberto de Assis, it seems, who emphasised that he had not spoke to any other clubs about Ronaldinho. Poor guy can't even meet with the employers of other players he represents (Ricardo Oliveria, amongst others, mostly Brazilian) without a hundred Italian and Spanish hacks latching on to it.

Next up, Edmilson has spoken out on the (logical) rumours of his departure, given his recent loss of form, his position and advancing age.
"Rijkaard trusts me, not only on the pitch, but also in the dressing room," said the Brazilian. "I do not know if they are truly looking for someone [a defensive midfielder], because everyday I hear that five or six are to leave, and could count thirty who will join.

"However, if I do not continue [here], I will leave calmly, because I have won many trophies and given everything."
Basically, he'll stay if he can be useful, which suits me just fine. I still say we need another defensive midfielder, though. Preferably someone world class, and proven in La Liga.

Lilian Thuram seems to have softened his rhetoric somewhat, and is maintaining the same line as Edmilson: if he's used regularly, he'll stay. I daresay that won't be a problem for as long as he's in better form than Marquez, but beyond that, I just don't know. It would be lovely if he could retire in Barca, though.
"I hope that I will play for Barcelona next season. I will move elsewhere if the club tell me there are no possibilities for me [to play regularly]. If they count on me, there are no reasons to leave the club...First of all I think of staying at Barcelona and playing more often."
Speaking of which, apparently Juve want Marquez. He's really out of form, people. Doesn't the Old Lady's representatives watch La Liga or the Champions League?

Other Barca rumours: Jorge Andrade, the Depor defender; David Albelda, defensive midfielder and captain of Valencia (again); Eric Abidal's agent is still flogging him to us (no reported interest on our part yet, which is just as well given his lost of form this season); Dani Alves has also been flogged to Barca, who are interested but baulked at the price tag; and Saviola has been linked repeatedly to Spurs.


Mal said...

I really hope that Rijkaard and 'Dinho stay at Barca. I think that they've been great for the club and for European football. Any word on Eto'o recently? Is he likely to stay or go? I'd love him at Anfield.
Going to Barca next month for the Betis game. Can't wait.

linda said...

Mal: I agree, and I'd love to see Rijkaard, 'Dinho and Eto'o all stay. Did you know Eto'o has 8 goals in 8 starts this season? I don't want him to go, but if he does whichever club gets him is damn lucky, no matter how crazy he is.

You're going to be in the Camp Nou? Oooh, how I envy you. I aim to make the trip myself someday. Hopefully the team will put on a proper performance worthy of the entrance fee.

Mal said...

I was in Camp Nou a few years back to watch Barca hammer Shakter 3-0 for a champions league group match but this will be my first La Liga game. Myself, Thomas and three other guys are going over for four days. Should be great. We don't have tickets yet but it shouldn't be a problem, I hope. I will take lods of photos, hopefully they'll be better than my Anfield ones from Saturday.

linda said...

Oooh, would that be 04-05? We had Milan in our group...great game at Camp Nou, epic victory, and then...Chelsea. Heh.

Can't wait to hear about your trip. Have fun!