Saturday, November 25, 2006

The State of AC Milan and a rant about the big teams

Poor Milan. By which - for once - I don't mean Inter. They just can't catch a break. While results in the Champions League have been satisfactory, they're only a few points off the relegation places in Serie A. The size of the gap between them and leaders Inter (22 points) means that they can't even blame the points deduction for their league position. They've simply not won games.

And now injuries are mounting up too. The latest is that Dida will be out for 2 to 3 months. His substitute is the Australian Kalac who you may recall dropping a clanger in Australia's game with Croatia which nearly costs the Aussies qualification for the knockout rounds.

The likes of Maldini and Gilardino have been coming out to defend the team and say that things will improve, while even their frightening overlord president Berlusconi (whose name I can never spell, sigh) have been saying nice things about a team whose results must really be annoying him.

Everyone blames their problems on bad luck. That's BS, if you'll excuse me for saying so. It's sad when teams dominate matches but fail to capitalize, but it's also no one else's fault but your own. Happens to the best teams - watch any goal-less draw Barca were involved in last season (there's not that many to choose from), or Manchester United's loss to Celtic, or Real Madrid's recent home loss to Celta. I could go on. But there's no point in people moaning about it when it happens. Sure, it would be nice if the side that played more football actually won the game, but there are other things to take into account. Think about it from the 'smaller' team's perspective. They deserve some reward for their organisation and their labours, as long as they don't play like thugs. Counter-attacking football has its moments of beauty.

I've gotten off topic here, but to summarise the point of this little rant: If you - you in this case being a 'big' team - dominate a match but don't score enough goals to win it, then it's your own damn fault. Stop blaming everything from the referee to the Feng Shui.


jad said...

regarding AC Milan and Berlusconi ... I posted this earlier this week....

linda said...

Well, now they've won, but I'm still not convinced. :-)