Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick poll of Barca fans

So, if you had to choose between 3 points and being back at the top of the league table and losing Leo Messi to injury for 3 fricking months while you're struggling to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, what would you pick?

I'm pleased with the win, but God. What bad luck he's having with injuries. I don't think he's played 10 games without missing 2.

Last but not least, for now - Forca Saviola! God that was satisfying.

(Am back from academic hiatus, so expect a flood of backed-up posts soon.)


Anonymous said...

It's really hard to say. Losing Messi with Eto'o already out is a massive blow. That said last night's victory was huge, you could see the relief as all the Barcelona players piled on top of 'dinho and Rijkaard after *that* free kick. I think it's a result (and the manner in which it was achieved) that ends their mini-slump.

Added to this, Giuly is very good and he played well yesterday. We shall overcome :)

linda said...

Yeah, it was a great victory, which seems a more convincing return to form than the last couple of false dawns. On the other hand, 4 injuries may mean that we promptly lose that form - see Valencia.

Even though I really admire Messi, I hope Giuly regains the great form he had near the end of both his first and second seasons with us and gives him more of a competition for a starting place when he does get back. Everyone needs to pull their weight now.

andaman said...

I always enjoy watching Barca's brand of football. And loosing Messi for 3 months is bad news even for a football fan who's not an avid Barca supporter. Saviola, with that thunderous applause as he stepped on the pitch, made a difference. That Ronaldinho's cracker of a freekick was the result of a foul on Javier. It's nice that he scored one at the end. I was rooting for Zaragoza though but loosing to a team like Barca is not very hard to take really.

linda said...

Andaman: I'm very fond of Zaragoza, myself. (Except for Zapater. Injuring 3 of Barca's players in a single game is a bridge too far.) After all, they do have almost as many Argentineans as Inter. Playing the way they are right now, it's hard not to see them up in the European places at the end of the season, and it would be wonderful to see the likes of Aimar and Diego Milito in European football.