Tuesday, November 07, 2006

football press watch: barca in crisis?

Phil Ball's columns on the Spanish league are often full of readable prose, astute insight and a touch of the personal. This week's offering, while suffering from a highly unfortunate title, is no different. His sensitive and sensible assessment of Barcelona's condition in a black week for the club off the pitch is highly welcome and highly recommended.

In my opinion, while our recent run of 1 win and 2 draws in 5 games might look appalling at first glance, one does need to take into account the fact that 2 of those games were against Chelsea, and 1 was against Real Madrid. Furthermore, drawing against Depor was hardly unexpected given the circumstances off the pitch, well covered by Phil in his article.

I firmly believe that the team can pick themselves up and go on to better things, even amidst the on-field and off-field problems. And if you're a depressed Barca supporter, do keep in mind how many points we had at this point last season - 16 - compared to 20 right now. There's no harm in starting slowly if we can get into gear soon.

(I am contemplating a piece specifically about our on-field problems, but the caveat stands. The sky hasn't fallen down. Yet.)


Miguel Ardán said...

Excuse my English, I write from Spain.

Barça isn't in crisis, I think, that's a press invention. Simply, Barça wins the games that it's normal to win and doesn't win the games harder of the years.

What games didn't win Barça?

Real Madrid, away
Chelsea, away
W Bremen, away
Deportivo, away
Valendia and Chelsea, home.

I'm a Barça supporter and I don't worry for loose against Chelsea or make draw agains Valencia. In this way, Barça will gain the League.

If Barça had loosed against Recreativo, for exaple, that was a problem. But that don't happen, today.

linda said...

I agree with you - while we seem to be going through a slight bad patch, there's no crisis to speak of. Specific problems, yes, but nothing that's unsolvable or going to derail the season.

Personally, I'm still optimistic.

John said...

Hi Linda,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a comment here.

Anyway regarding on Barca’s current poor form, I do think its only temporary matter. Once the return of ETO’O and the rediscovering of confidence from all the other players, than I guess is business as usual. My only wish at the moment that at this presents time, SAVIOLA and MESSI can provide some outstanding performance to turn things around.

However, it’s great to know others such as ZANETTI, LISANDRO, LUCHO and MILITO are doing well.

By the way, was watching the All Blacks against England the other day. I must say they were a class above and I do not see anyone else at the moment that is capable to stop them, come next year’s World Cup.


santiago said...

Hi from new zealand linda (chch). i agree with miguel the spanish press is too fast to slap the word crisis on any team. it can't be too bad to be a barca fan anyway. yo soy aficionado de Real. no hay peor!

linda said...

John: Saviola and Messi showed a great understanding in the last game, which was very nice to see. Hopefully Barca can hold on until Eto'o makes his return.

I'm very pleased with the way the All Blacks are preparing for the World Cup. Graham Henry really has pulled out all the stops. After the two tests against France we will see just how ready we are, but I think we've really got a good chance this time.

Santiago: Welcome! The Spanish press seems to go from calling either one of the big two in crisis or unbeatable, which is never true. Nevermind, though, as you say it's not exactly a hardship being a Barca fan. Imagine being a Real Sociedad or Real Betis supporter right now.

Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I have been away and have not been able to read or post. Hopefully soon.
Can you please give me a link to Phil Ball's column, so I can read them each week. it is funny to hear of the psyche of el cule, they are so histerical...