Thursday, November 02, 2006

Barcelona crocked strikers update

I know we have no strikers right now with a tough away game coming up agains Deportivo La Coruna, but it's not all bad news, Barca fans. Here's the latest on what our crocked goalscorers are up to.

Gudjohnsen's injury isn't as bad as first feared. Carvolho did a number on his ankle, but it's not so bad and he could even be back against Depor. I'm still hoping Rijkaard plays Saviola though, because we all know what happened last time one of ours tried to rush back from an injury (see Messi, 05-06).

Speaking of rushing back from injury, Sammy Eto'o has been spotted walking unaided to the astonishment of even his doctors. Reportedly he's recovering much faster than is normal - which doesn't surprise me, given the last time he was supposed to be out for 6 weeks it was only 10 days. I do hope that he doesn't rush things unduly. It's best for all concerned if he can return fit and ready to play. For those of you not keeping count, he's supposed to be out for 5 months. An optimistic assessment based on his quicker recovery time has him back mid-February.

Only 3 and a bit months to go. I know Rijkaard will be counting down the days.

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