Friday, May 11, 2007

Getafe 4 - 0 Barcelona (6 - 5 agg)

I have nothing to say that is printable. Neither does young Leo Messi, probably.

Like I said in the comments of the Barcelona Offside blog, somebody please convince me otherwise or prove me wrong, but right now it seems to me that the season can only go further down the pan from here. Crash and burn, all the hubris going down in flames.

I will say this, though: if Real win the league playing the way they've been all season, it will be Barca's fault and I'll be kind of pissed.

(If we don't bounce back against Real Betis, then it really is over.)

Edited to add:
"Getafe deserved this win and they should be congratulated, while we must digest what has happened. It is not easy because there are defeats and then there are defeats. This one is very difficult. Whatever happens now we have to keep on going and try to finish the season with dignity.

I know everyone is going to say it was ridiculous and we are suffering. It is clear that we were completely useless tonight. I do not feel ashamed, but I must ask for forgiveness from the club's supporters. Now we must restore our pride after one of the hardest nights of my life."

- Frank Rijkaard in his post match press conference.


Mal said...

What an amazing result? I'm hoping that we can bring good luck when we go over to Camp Nou for the Betis match this weekend.

linda said...

I guess amazing is one way to put it. :-)

Hopefully Barca will put on a performance worthy of the admission price. Have fun!

risingson said...

I was looking forward to seeing you use profanity. sigh* Maybe next time. There's nothing I like more than people who are always calm and collected getting a little worked up.

I watched the game and I was suprised at how poorly they played, and how dejected they all looked. Their body language and the look on their face, said it all.

The title is Barcelona's to lose, but I don't think this team is capable of putting two very poor performances in a row. I hope the fans don't get hysterical over there. Teams need to stay calm in difficult moments.

Come sunday, perhaps Messi might make the difference.