Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a break from the nail-baiting liga finale

...well, at least this weekend, when I can see my beloved Albicelestes in action once again, even if it's one of those silly exhibition friendlies I dislike so much.

But before that, Phil Ball is as always spot on with his remarks about Barca's somewhat unseemingly but also encouragingly spirited performance against Getafe:
Ronaldinho...will be out of Barça's last two games...having been sent off for kicking Getafe's Belenguer up the bum at the end of the first half of their 1-0 home win at the weekend. Then again, Belenguer had been kicking Ronaldinho for the best part of the first half, but the referee was Pérez Burrul, possibly the worst of an appalling bunch, and one wholly incapable of distinguishing his own arse from his elbow, no matter a foul from a legal tackle. Burrul, according to Messi in a post-match press conference, warned the Argentine before the game that if he dived, he would 'pay the consequences'. Talk about guilty before being proved innocent.
Sid Lowe is also as consistently entertaining as always, and worth reading about the entire state of the La Liga as it stands now.

And lastly, on an internationals-related note: congratulations to David Beckham. He fully deserves not only the recall, but a proper mea culpa from Steve McClaren about the way he was treated as a scrapegoat after the World Cup.


Mal said...

How do you see it going over the last two league games Linda? The smart money has to be with Real now, unfortunately.

linda said...

All the pundits say Real, and they're right. But this international break is really very unfortunately timed - who knows what will happen on international duty? I just hope everybody comes back without any injuries.

Sevilla aren't out of it yet. As of now, you're right, the smart money is on Real. They do have a tricky game, but so do the other two challengers. All I've got is hope.