Monday, May 21, 2007

Atletico 0 - 6 Barca

(Image courtesy of Sport)

Goals: Messi 39, Zambrotta 43, Eto'o 46, Ronaldinho 58, Messi 80, Iniesta 90.

Holy shit. That was...not the result I expected. Okay, boys, you have this fan back on board. Keep doing that and you might have a chance to redeem the season.

More later. Oh yes.

(General impression so far is that Barca were not worth that scoreline, but Atletico proved their ability to collapse yet again. They won this fixture quite handily last season, let's not forget, against a Barca in much better form and spirit. Not that I'm complaining. Lord knows I rather pessimistically thought we were going to the Calderon to give up the title.

And for those crowing about this match being thrown by Atletico: I really don't think they'd jeopardize their own European chances like this. Plus, throwing a match does not require one to be humiliated in one's own stadium.)

ETA: "This gives us hope," said Rijkaard.


Derek said...

Unbelievable match. Barca looked tentative yet focused in the early part of the game, but man...did things turn for the better when Maniche was stretchered off after Edmilson stomped on his ankle. Not condoning or celebrating that injury mind you...but it sure did rattle Atletico a bit, I think.

I'm starting to believe Barca can still win the league, too.

linda said...

This is why Barca need a decent hard-man in midfield. Not that I condone injuring opposition players, but when we play using Deco, Iniesta and Xavi the midfield isn't physically imposing enough against certain teams.

(It's weird, because Tim from La Liga Loca has been mocking Maniche all season, but I guess while he's not having a good season he is important to their play.)

We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope, eh?