Monday, February 26, 2007

So this is what we were missing

Eto'o came off to a standing ovation from the Nou Camp, hugging Carles Puyol, Ronaldinho and then Rijkaard as the home support again cheered his name.
The rumours of FC Barcelona's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Welcome back (for real this time), Sammy.

Now, could you make your many detractors eat their words some more?

(If I weren't crazy busy, there would have been a post ranting about our horrid performance against Liverpool, which has all but finished off our chances of progressing in the Champions League, but as this is my 100th post, I guess something like the above is a bit more appropriate. I've really enjoyed my tentative venture into blogging so far, and I love reading people's responses. Thanks to everyone for visiting my little corner of the internet.

Ahh, football. Never change.)


Anonymous said...

congratulations. Just discovered your blog your writing is beautiful. The post on Riquelme was great.

Mal said...

I was looking forward to reading your view of the champions league match last week, but if you're busy, your're busy. I think that Eto'o will have a big role to play in the second leg of the tie. I can see Barca scoring but I'm hoping that Liverpool will also be able to score.

linda said...

Anonymous: Thank you very much! I feel very strongly about Riquelme, as many people do. Glad you enjoyed it.

Mal: I'll migrate over to your post on the Liverpool game and offer my thoughts. Realistically I don't think much of our chances in the second leg - as I said on Footie Girl's blog, it's Anfield. Simple as that. But I'd like us to at least give it a go.

Isaiah said...


Yeah, it's Anfield and yeah, that's that. Except I think a lot of Liverpool fans said "It's Camp Nou and, well, that's that" until Bellamy and Riise made them happily swallow their words. It's always possible and that's what makes this a wonderful game.

And yeah, I know you know that.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting at my site, much appreciated. We'll start winning away, say, Wednesday at Zaragoza. How does that sound?

Derek said...

Congrats, Linda!

That picture is simply beautiful. The bad taste of that Liverpool match is finally gone, especially after today.

Hope you got a chance to see the game.