Friday, February 09, 2007

FORCA SAVIOLA! (and Zanetti is forever, or at least I hope so)

France 0 - 1 Argentina

How many times am I going to end up singing the praises of El Conejo this season? First Barca, then for my beloved Albicelestes, he's made the difference. More later on the game itself (France put out a good line-up, and that was an old, old Argentina side, but the amount of experience helped) as well as the other friendly results (Iniesta scoring at Old Trafford!), but for now...

Frankie, Txiki, Laporta:

Can we keep him? Please?


An increasingly antsy supporter

more good news

Roberto Ayala has signed a 3 year contract with Villarreal after contract negotiations between him and Valencia broke down yet again. I'm glad he's going to my second team, because he's still got a lot to give, even at his age, and I was so pissed off with the way Valencia's sporting director Carboni treated him despite the vital role he has played for the club during his many years at Valencia.


Derek said...

I sure hope Saviola stays with Barca too. He's done so much for us lately that I can't imagine him not there.

Still haven't seen any footage from the France/Argentina match. Hopefully tonight.

Did you see Iniesta's glorious goal?

Greg G said...

I'm right with ya, Linda. Xavier needs to stay at Barça. Getting rid of his agent should be all Txiki needs to placate his attitude.

Personally, I'm more than a little miffed with the blaugrana given their poor showing so far. Yes, they're up top of the table, but everyone knows they could be playing better. For some reason Ronnie doesn't have the steam to carry the side like two seasons ago, which is fine--but it would sure be nice to see him at least try 70% of the time. I swear, sometimes it seems he's moping about expecting to lose the ball as soon as he gets it. Yes, it may be a harsh opinion, but at this point in the season that's how I'm calling it.

The Osasuna match in Pamplona was encouraging, because we saw Barça trying against a spirited opponent. If the squad tries its best that's all I care for. If players aren't interested in giving their all, go play somewhere else--Real Madrid maybe. Or Italy.

linda said...

Derek: I've only seen highlights of France/Argentina, but am in the process of getting my hands on the entire game.

Iniesta's goal was a beauty. Sadly the rest of the game wasn't, but hopefully it will go towards shutting up those who critize Casper for not scoring enough.

Greg: I swing wildly between love and hate for Ronaldinho, which can be difficult at times like these, especially with all the transfer rumours. Sigh.

I agree with you - as long as everyone makes an effort, I'm happy. That's what counts.