Sunday, February 04, 2007

Barca update: the glass half full version

The best thing about this week so far:

Welcome back, Sammy.

Also in the 'good news' column, Leo Messi's finally back in training, straight after his return from Argentina.

Javier Saviola has finally fired his agent. How is this relevant, you may ask. Well, this is the man who made sure that Saviola's move to Barca cost about double what it should have (naturally, he pocketed the extra cash), and allegedly botched a move to Sevilla for his client because of - ahem - financial issues. This has interesting implications for the possible renewal of Saviola's contract at Barca, given that most people assumed his agent was one of the main stumbling blocks towards such a move. Hopefully this means he can now sit down with the club and talk it over without the previous baggage.

Alright, Ronaldinho's injured and will miss the Osasuna game, we're half way out of the Copa del Rey, we haven't won away in 2 months (!!!), but look on the bright side. At least our squad doesn't look as depleted anymore.

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