Thursday, October 12, 2006

making fun of transfer rumours

I have a stated policy of not mentioning ridiculous transfer rumours, but there's no harm in making fun of the most insane ones. So here's my attempt at dissecting two bits of transfer speculation surrounding Barcelona.

I'll start with the persistent reports linking Boca Juniors striker and occasional Argentinean international Rodrigo Palacio with Barcelona. The strongest basis for these claims seems to be the fact that a couple of Barca technical directors were invited to watch the derby between River Plate and Boca Juniors. What some reporters seem to have missed is the fact that those directors were invited by River. On top of that, reports of meetings between Barca president Laporta and Boca suits have yet to be proven.

This next bit is the part I really want to make fun of, though. One report I read - I won't say which website produced this gem of investigative reporting - claimed that Barca were looking to sign Palacio to eventually replace Deco. This would make slightly more sense if Palacio was anything like a playmaker, which as you'll have noticed in the last paragraph, he is definitely not.

So that's that. Now, the Ronaldinho to AC Milan rumours are slightly more tricky. Maybe he will go there someday - I can't see why, but people sometimes make decisions only they understand. The way the sporting media have gone about trying to play up this 'transfer' is comical, to say the least. Their latest ploy seems to be trying to claim Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi having lunch with Ronaldinho's brother and agent is proof that the transfer is on. This would seem damning at first glance, right up until the point one realises that Roberto de Assis also happens to represent Milan's new signing Ricardo Oliveira. Not too strange to see the club chairman having dinner with the agent who represents one of his players, is it?

(Spain-Argentina report to come, when I get my objectivity back.)


Anonymous said...

The Ronaldinhino transfer looked very illogical but as i see it,its taking serious dimension these days..I wont be surprised if he goes to Milan next year.If Barca get beaten by Madrid,this year and when there is lot of hue and cry about management hten i think thats the right time for Ronaldinho to go.Its not that i want him to go,but iam telling a likely sceanrio.He is just waiting for a chance.

Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

It is almost typical of papers needing to sell, in these times of little club football they fill their pages with bla bla bla, no?

linda said...

I agree, Yrsa. Still it's fun to poke holes in their 'arguments'.

Even if Barca get beaten by Madrid, one game doesn't make a season - unless, of course, it's a serious thrashing. I think the worst thing for the team in that case would be if people went crazy and Rijkaard somehow got sacked. He is a wonderful manager and would be as big a loss as Ronaldinho.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the whole season,not the upcoming game.And there is no way that Ronaldinho would go this winter.If he goes it would be in summer.That too if Barca gets beaten this season.

Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I think Rijkaard will go when Laporta goes. I guess Rosell will stand for the next president elections and he is too close to Laporta/Txiki to stay. Also he will go once his cycle is finished.
I don't think it is a crisis if they loose against Madrid, I somehow think the Chelsea game is more important, especially the first one. If they loose that the confidence might be down for Madrid and then chelsea again.
Perhaps I should write a post on this...