Sunday, October 29, 2006

Barca miscellany

Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise it's not because Barca lost El Gran Classico. As I've mentioned before on the sidebar, I do have an academic life to tend to. That means exams around this time, and that combined with being sick as a...well, something really sick - led to the lack of posting.

I did have half a post about the Real v Barca game all written, but it's been a week and the whole thing is outdated now. Some thoughts on all matters Barca below. There's also another post in the works about a couple of Argentina-related matters.

Thomas at Forca Barca has a little round-up which contains a great assessment of Rijkaard's style as manager. This is why I like the Dutchman so much. He's a breath of fresh air that way. It's also why he's the man I'd put most faith in to lead the team out of any bad patches.

Moving on, I'm getting slightly frustrated with the lack of significant playing time for Saviola. I know that he fell out of favour with our sporting director in his last season at the club before being farmed out, but that shouldn't matter when one can clearly see that he links better with the other strikers and with the midfield than Gudjohnsen does. Saviola has a superb understanding with Ronaldinho and Xavi, in particular. Obviously I'm not unbiased, since I'm quite fond of El Conejo, but surely letting go of the past and giving him more chances is better for the team as a whole?

Finally, on a lighter note, I'd like to voice my approval of young Thiago Motta's new hair this season - much improved upon the monstrosity that was last season's mop. Now, if only he could do the same with his tackling...

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