Monday, October 02, 2006

Argentine Watch

Looks like there are going to be some changes to the line-up I posted earlier for the friendly against Spain. Gabriel Heinze has injured himself playing for Manchester United and he'll be out for about three weeks. Hernan Crespo got a muscular injury in Inter's draw with Cagliari. I'm not sure how long he'll be out for.

Both injuries are terrible news, especially since they're both so important to the team. They are two of the three big name recalls (Ayala being the other one) who for one for reason or another couldn't make it to the game against Brazil, who would have bought some much needed experience and steadying influence to a young side. Gabri Milito could cover for Heinze just fine, but Crespo doesn't really have a proper replacement right now. I would prefer Diego Milito be called up as replacement this time, since he seems to be over his injury and scoring goals again, but that seems unlikely since Basile called up Saviola to replace Cesar Delgado last time - two completely different players, to my mind, but hey, I'm not a famous and successful coach.

There's also a lot to discuss regarding the state of Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham, but that'll need a separate post. Also coming up, reports of Bremen-Barca and the 5th round La Liga games. I've been away for a bit, so expect a flood of posts soon.


John said...

Hi Linda,

Good to hear from you but also sorry to bring you the bad news as well.

However since you've mentioned Saviola's name am I proud of him or what? He refuse to go anywhere, stayed to fight for his place in Barca, brought from the bench against Bilbao and then scored. Now thats what I call a true fighter.

Hopefully this will go on and good old Rijkaard will have a bigger headche when Eto'o returns.

But for now Saviola to Mourinho " bring on Chelsea!!!"


linda said...

I'm so happy for Saviola. Obviously having Eto'o injured is tragic to me as a Barca fan, but Saviola looks like he's going to grab the opportunity with both hands and really prove his worth. If you read my articles about the future of Argentina, you'll have seen how frustrated I was with his situation and what it meant for his chances with the Albicelestes, but now I'm optimistic.

I think Rijkaard would love a selection headache in the striker position, especially since Barca have such a tough run of games coming up.

My person wish is for Saviola and Messi (again) to be the heroes against Chelsea...and to beat them in both legs! Probably not going to happen, but I can hope.

Anonymous said...


If you've realize, Rijkaard could probably start both Saviola and Messi up front. If this happens, then we could be jumping for joy as this could prove to be the Albicelestes deadly combination!!!
Furthermore Tevez and Aguerro coming from the bench providing back up for them. What a prospect that will be?


Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Looks very interesting your blog. Are you a girl?
If so, then we are rare species writing about football.
Do you think it was a money situtation for Saviola.
I also like Argentina. Don't know why...
I have put a link on my blog, tell me if you don't like your name...

Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Great blog. I have linked you on my blog, let me know if you don't like your "name".
I will be visiting this more often. I like Saviola and I am glad he stayed, but I wonder what reasons he did so. His first girlfriend in Barcelona...

linda said...

Hi John. Saviola and Messi did play together up front briefly against Athletic Bilbao (more on that in my report later) and worked together fairly well, which is good news for those who've always insisted that they could play together. The problem with this is the lack of 1) height and 2) decisive finishing (Saviola's not always reliable, and Messi isn't a proper striker).

I think both problems were well illustrated against Brazil and if a replacement isn't called up for Crespo against Spain we could see the same thing again, unfortunately.

I'd love to see Messi and Aguero playing together, though, because I think they have a good understanding.

Thanks for the link, Yrsa. I'll link back to your blog as well. I've heard about Saviola staying partially because he'd found a new girlfriend in Barca. Whatever reason, though, I'm happy he's stayed and now getting playing time.