Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wrestling with Fernando Torres

...not literally, although his Spanish team mates do an awful lot of that. My problem with El Nino is reflective of my problem with the Spanish NT in general: I want to like them, but just can't. I can give reasons for both, but they're arguably not very good ones.

The case for and against Torres

For: he scores some lovely goals, seems like your average clueless but decent footballer, and would never join Real Madrid (always good in my book)

Against: horribly inconsistent, dives, can be a foul machine for a forward, never scores against Real (who he supposedly hates) but always manages to come up with the goods against Barca.

The case for and against the Spanish NT

For: the boys from Barcelona (Puyol, Xavi, sometimes Iniesta and even Valdes), other generally wonderful players (Villa, Cesc, Casillas - yes, even though he's a Real player), the 4-3-3, that sense of inevitable tragedy

Against: a certain mental block that seems to prevent them winning any big games, a racist pig for a manager who seems incapable of deciding on a starting 11 that might actually work with the formation, (and paraphrasing 'La Liga Loca') the part in the Spanish Constitution that states the Captain of Real has to play every game. Now, I actually like Raul, but the above is especially problematic when he's been in a slump for the last couple of years.

That friendly coming up against Argentina should be exciting.


ynba said...

Hi! I saw you linked me and wanted to stop by and say thanks. I can't say I'm the biggest Torres fan, but the Spanish team has some of my favorite players (the Liverpool boys, Cesc Fabregas, and Sergio Ramos, who just amuses me). I've never heard that about the Real captain having to play -- is that true?

linda said...

You're welcome! I've been a regular reader for a while.

The Spanish team does have some very likable players, and it's just a shame that like Torres himself, I just fail at liking them even if I try.

The Real captain thing was a joke - at least I think it was. Sure seems true though!