Sunday, September 10, 2006

well, why not

What better way to honour an obession than to blog about it. Personal details on the sidebar, and hopefully I'll be hanging around.

being a fan down under

I will head to bed tonight with the greatest of anxiety, knowing that tomorrow when I wake up and give my bookmarks a visit, the results of my beloved Barca's home match against Osasuna will be staring me in the face. Not always a pleasant experience, this, given that my last such encounter with the Eurosport front page saw 'Brazil thrash Argentina' as the main headline.

Here's hoping things turn out better tomorrow, although it's by no means a foregone conclusion - Osasuna did very well against Barca in the Camp Nou last season, holding back the tide for as long as they could before the dam broke (3-0 to Barca, but oh how they struggled in the first half to create chances).

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