Thursday, September 14, 2006

whatever else you can say about Fabio Capello...

...and there's certainly been a lot said about him recently from former players like Graveson and Totti, just to name two, at least he's blunt.

After the match against Lyon:

"We did very little in this match. We did not have any chances to score. We had a couple in the second half but that is not sufficient against a rival [Lyon] like today.

"We have not had anything to do. Lyon did a lot more and technically and physically, they were better.

"We made important mistakes in defence that helped the two goals. We had touches and [lots of the] play but no authority within it."

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JJ said...

I heard this on the radio this morning, Fabio Capello has until the 7th of January to learn English and a bunch of England fans have made this site... Capello Learns English Its funny and meaningful!