Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recent Barca news and comment

Victory vs Celta

I'm much happier about the state of affairs than I was even a week ago, both on and off the pitch. Looks like all the tactical training sessions are paying off. More of the same, please.


For God's sake, at least make him a decent-sized offer to renew. He deserves it.


A belated happy 27th birthday to our midfield machine. A wonderful player, and a role-model: Manchester United reported approached his agent recently. He told them to go talk to Barca instead, since he was contracted to the club.

Long may he prosper.

Sammy Eto'o

The latest report seems to be that he will be back on the 11th of February in the home tie against Racing. That will be a lovely occasion for those of us who have missed him, and for him as well to enjoy the reception of the fans. He's earned it.

(Seeing him being slagged off by Barca supporters makes me twitch. Is that just me?)

Referee's Day

Let's not do that again. It seems to encourage incompetence amongst the men in black everytime.

Penalties and conspiracy theories

It's like that special breed of Barca fan who attribute all decisions in Real's favour to a conspiracy. AS, Marca, you've turned into what you loathe. Well done. You know what, though, I've decided that I don't mind all the whining, the lazy slanderous journalism.

Why? Because it's a sign that we're winning.

(I'm writing a rather lengthy series of half-season status reports. Hopefully they'll be posted this week.)

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