Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Argentina round-up


Young striker Fernando Cavenaghi has finally gotten himself out of Russia with a move to Bordeaux of France. Hopefully he'll rediscover his scoring boots there and work himself into national team contention.

As for Mascherano to Liverpool, the latest is that the loan deal with an option to buy will go through, and poor Masche will finally end his West Ham nightmare. Good luck to him.

Injuries ahead of France friendly (February 7)

Aimar's reoccuring knee injury is acting up again and he's doubtful for the game, which would be a major blow since there's no ready-made replacement for him in the squad.

Gago also seems to have picked up a minor injury, although he should be fit in time. I guess we'll see, depending on his appearance this weekend for Real.

U20s and Olympics

I'll be honest, the main reason I made this post is to congratulate the U20 squad that travelled to Paraguay on their second place finish at the South American U20 Championship. Sure, they missed out on the trophy itself, but the placing ensures that they qualify for the U20 World Cup in Canada later this year, as well as more importantly - the Beijing Olympics, meaning that they can defend the title won in Athens in 2004.

So well done to the mini-Albicelestes for a massive effort, especially their last gasp win in the last game against Uruguay.


Mal said...

What do you make of this?
Would Barca let Xavi go for Ronaldo? Where would Ronaldo fit into the team?

linda said...

I would personally make my way down to Barcelona and shout in our board's collective faces if they sold Xavi when the player himself
didn't want to leave.

I think Barca aren't crazy enough to sell a one-club, youth team product like him, who is so important to the squad as a whole.

Besides that, the whole Ronaldo thing is in my opinion completely ridiculous. Sure, he's brilliant, but unless Ronaldinho or Messi are going somewhere soon (and I'd have to smack people if they were) there's nowhere for him to play.

The only option I can see is for him to compete with Messi for a starting spot. This wouldn't work as Messi is a home-grown youngster who is enormously popular and probably no less talented than Ronaldo. Why squeeze out the home-grown player for someone who would have no attachment to the club?

(And besides that, it's arrogant of Barca and Real to persume that Man Utd would sell, or that Ronaldo would want to leave them when he's doing so well there and in contention for big titles.)

Mal said...

From what I've heard, he did want to leave Utd for Real last summer. I think that he sees Spain as a dream move. His agent makes noises about it every so often. I think that it's a case of when, not if. Real is a more likely destination than Barca for him though. Hope he does go as he's damn good and I don't like Utd having good players.