Tuesday, October 02, 2007

3 apologies and 2 thank yous (a quick note on Barca)

Dear Thierry Henry:

I'm sorry I ever thought you had lost your spark forever. I'm glad you play for us.

Dear Yaya Toure:

I'm sorry I doubted your suitability for the defensive midfield position. You have been wonderful. Get well soon!

Dear Txiki Begiristain:

I was wrong, and I apologize. You have signed well this time. Please continue in this vein.

Dear Frank Rijkaard:

I never doubted you, and I never will. Thanks for being a class act.

Dear Leo Messi:

Thank you for being unpretentious, and modest, and fantastic.

I'm now back from Wellington - which was great fun - so expect some catch up posts soon, including one about the Argentina squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Let's just say I'm not too impressed.


Albert, Cat said...

And Jan Laporta does anything good or does the whole thing so badly that a president can do?
Yes, he talks so much, and this year he speaks wrong but the last year he never speaks and you have seen the results.
If the club runs the president have did something, don't?
I am not a fan of Laporta and I don't like him but I have to admit, even though my bit affection, his big work: big team, economics, social, etc..

Do you imagine the first place when Tarradellas (president of catalonia at exile)went (1977) after the death of franco ?


Barça always was, is and will be (at moment) a politic club. For the goods and bads things. This is not a problem of Laporta, it's the soul of the club. I know, it's crazy. I know.

On the other hand, it's incredible your magnificent style and your right views of FCB. I am astonished and speaking seriously!!!!

Linda said...

Firstly, thank you for your kind words.

I should elaborate my opinions on Laporta someday, since my recent posts probably give off the wrong impression.

You're right, he's done a lot correctly, most of all running the club sensibly and as a Catalan institution. I'm proud of the new stadium, and especially our deal with UNICEF.

But us Barca fans are never happy, not really. We're critical at the best of the times, so we complain about other things when there's nothing to complain about regarding the way the club is run. :-)

Albert said...

"But us Barça fans are never happy, not really."

Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja

Therefore you are a bit catalan, ja, ja ,ja ,ja, ja,

Sorry, It is a joke!!!!

Because of the fact that there are a lot of fans around the world, and their mood have influence on the soul of in Barça (and thus in catalonia) I hope that the soul of Barça will change to better.
And Barça will enjoy of all the good things that it actually has.

Linda said...

I'm pleased to hear that I'm a bit Catalan. :-)

The difference, I suppose, is that I tend to be positive about the team in general when everybody else is slamming them, and picking holes in their work when everybody else is hyping them up.