Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joan Gamper Trophy (a tribute to Nicolau Casaus and Antonio Puerta)

Barcelona played their traditional season opener friendly against a Inter team missing most of their big stars. I could complain about that, and about the dubious scheduling of this match, but that's a matter for another post. This post is dedicated to the spirit of the evening, which was to honour the lives of former club vice-president Nicolau Casaus, who died earlier in the month, and Sevilla player Antonio Puerta, who died a few days ago.

The Barca players worn Puerta's no.16 Sevilla shirt when they ran out onto the pitch.

Fans in the stands showed their support and condolences with banners.

There was a minute's silence before the match in honour of both Casaus and Puerta.

An emotional Samuel Eto'o before the game.

The Barca starting 11

Ronaldinho dedicates his goal.

Gio does the same.

Eto'o has to be substituted with a muscle injury.

The 11 on the pitch at the end.

Captain Valdes is presented with the trophy.

Pictorial credit: Sina, Marca, El Mundo Deportivo, El Mundo


pdp_risingson said...

Hi Linda, like the new look.

Romy to Atletico Madrid... I should write a Shakespearean sonnet for that one...

Linda said...


As for Roman, oh lord, I'm a bit conflicted about this one myself. I'd love to see the sonnet, though. ;)